The many foreigners who have chosen to move to Costa Rica or retire there have been seduced by simply exceptional living conditions.

You will find an overview below:

  • Pleasant climate all year round (25 ° to 35 °)
  • Dream Landscapes
  • Incomparable biodiversity
  • Protection of more than 1/4 of the territory. See the article: “Environmental protection”
  • Reduced cost of living in Costa Rica with much higher purchasing power than Europe or North America
  • Low-cost services (ex: the hourly rate of a domestic worker is about US $ 4)
  • Quality of the health system
  • Unlimited choice of activities and sports, as evidenced by our page: ‘Practical information – Activities and sports’
  • High-performance communication systems (Internet, telephone, etc.)
  • Hospitality to foreigners from Costa Ricans
  • Low crime rate
  • Local air network (Golfito)
  • Significant development of the road network
  • Very good education